Walk-In Saturdays Are Back!!



When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we had to keep our clients and our artists as safe as possible, so we moved to an appointment only system.  Now that we are on the other side of it, we have brought back Walk-In Saturdays!

Below you will find the rules and expectations for this fan-favorite weekly event!




To try to get as many people tattooed as possible, we limit the walk-ins to an hour or less.

We recommend messaging the shop with your design, size (in inches) and location on the body - to make sure that it qualifies for a walk-in.


Walk-ins are First Come / First Served.
There is typically a line at the door, so arriving early is advised.  We cannot monitor the parking lots, so the order you come through the door is the order we sign you in!

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Once you are on the walk-in list, you are free to hang out in the shop, or you can leave and we will text you when it is your turn!  (Do not reply to the text message.  We will not see it.  If you can't make it within 10-15 minutes, please call the shop.  We may move you down the list, depending on the situation)