Tattoo Artist:

Nick Wood

Nick will tattoo minors 17+ with restrictions on location on the  body.  An in-person consult with the minor and their parent.  Parent must be present for consultation and appointment.

Tattoo Artist


Nick has been an artist most of his life.

  “It started when I was playing with my cousin, at our grandparents when we were five or six.”

Watching him draw a picture of  helicopters and I wanted to draw them as well but, to outdraw him. I didn’t think of even being in this business until I was  eighteen ,when I first had a tattoo done on myself.  I wanted to use my talents everyday, and try to grow as an artist. "


   Nick has been tattooing in Omaha Ne. for fifteen years.

Likes to tattoo just about anything , trying not to limit himself in his work.

Loves doing custom big pieces that are drawn with that clients ideas. From portraits to graffiti,  cover ups , black and grey,  to color - Large scale projects and small - and Traveling to conventions where he  has won awards in a few categories .



Due to extremely high demand, Nick's books are currently CLOSED

You may still contact us for an estimate from him, and then keep an eye on our social media for updates.

Thank you!

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