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Nick Wood



Tattoo Artist


Nick has been an artist most of his life.

  “It started when I was playing with my cousin, at our grandparents when we were five or six.”

Watching him draw a picture of  helicopters and I wanted to draw them as well but, to outdraw him. I didn’t think of even being in this business until I was  eighteen ,when I first had a tattoo done on myself.  I wanted to use my talents everyday, and try to grow as an artist. "


   Nick has been tattooing in Omaha Ne. for fifteen years.

Likes to tattoo just about anything , trying not to limit himself in his work.

Loves doing custom big pieces that are drawn with that clients ideas. From portraits to graffiti,  cover ups , black and grey,  to color - Large scale projects and small - and Traveling to conventions where he  has won awards in a few categories .








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