Tattoo Artist:

Caleb Krieg



Tattoo Artist

Caleb comes to us from Florida, and has been tattooing since 2012! He enjoys most forms of tattooing but likes to keep himself well rounded. He tries to put his own spin on pop-culture and horror-realism designs he often gets requests for, but would like to push more into a decorative pattern/dot-work/mandala/sacred geometry based tattoo styles.


"I just love tattooing it's taken me to many places I thought I'd never see and met some amazing humans along the way, but I am so stoked to be here, sharing in this ancient tradition with the people of Nebraska and the Eternal crew.  I am super fortunate to be here and to be able to help facilitate a ritual that dates back to our ancestors and continues to bring us all together in a time when we need it the most .

Let's make some rad tattoos, Nebraska!"









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