Body Piercing

*Please be advised:  No body piercing or body modification is an approved treatment for any medical condition including, Migraines and Anxiety.   Any evidence of such effects are strictly anecdotal and have no scientific or medical backing*

Age Restrictions

Minor Policies - What We Require

The State of Nebraska requires a person to be 18 years or older to get a piercing without written consent from a PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN. For minors it is up to the discretion of the artist whether or not they feel comfortable piercing the minor.  The PARENT/GUARDIAN must be present for the procedure.


(i.e. Being ALMOST 16 is still age 15)


Lobes                                       5+
Outer Cartilage (Helix)     13+

Double Lip                            15+ 

Dermals/Surface                16+

Smiley/Frowny                    18+

Tongue                                   18+ 

Nipples & Genital:             18+

All other piercings not listed here:   14+


All minors for these piercings require a STUDENT ID or STATE ISSUED ID or PASSPORT  -  In the absence of an ID, a certified copy of the minors Birth Certificate will do, but an ID is preferred)

Body Piercing Prices

(Includes Initial Implant Grade Titanium Jewelry)

Book An Appointment


To book an appointment for a piercing, call the shop you'd like to get in to.  (below)   A $20 deposit will be required to book the appointment.

This deposit is non-refundable and goes toward the cost of the piercing, unless you do not show up.

A no-call, no show results in the deposit going to the piercer.

Body Piercing Artists





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